Tina ‘Mama’ Knowles-Lawson For Ebony Magazine


I’m sitting here eating a tuna fish sandwich and sipping on a coke all while eyeing this new “Sexy Forever Issue” with Tina ‘Mama’ Knowles covering Ebony magazine’s July issue! Well, I feel like crap now and need to take my behind to the gym but that ain’t happening no time soon as I ask Ms. Shaunae for another sandwich lol. Chile Mama Knowles just snatched everyone over 50 wigs and let them know who is Mama Queen B ok! Welp, Beyonce now we all know what you will look like when you get to be your mama’s age lol. She looks really good and in this issue she talks about her bitter divorce, her new marriage to actor Richard Lawson, upcoming reality show and more! Congrats to Mama Knowles. Check out more inside! 


tina knowles

tina knowles


tina knowles for ebony-magazine

tina knowles for ebony mag

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One thought on “Tina ‘Mama’ Knowles-Lawson For Ebony Magazine

  1. An inspiration to continue on the right path of self love; not deprecation. As always, Ms. Tami, thank you for uplifting content. 😉

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