Tips On How To Take Really Cool Food Shots For Your Blog & Social Media


This is for my foodies out there! Lots of people on social media love to snap what they are eating or when they stop by a cool restaurant. The only thing is, the food shots are sometimes very unappealing to look at lawd! I wanted to share some tips on how to get that perfect shot with your cell phone or with a professional camera. Besides, you want to make folks out there jealous and want to run or leap over buildings to get to the place you’re dining at right? Come inside to find out more! 


Bad photos. heuvos-thumb-550x410

Here is an example of food shots you don’t want, yuck! I see this all the time and often wonder, what was the person thinking that posted this lol. When you take food pictures you definitely want to start out with great lighting! That will make or break your image. If the place is dark (which most restaurants are because they want to add ambiance) bring along a flash for your camera, hire a photographer or use the flash on your cell phone. I have had issues with flash on my iphone, the pics come out way too light but with filters now, you can still edit them.


Bahama Breeze

Here are pics that you do want!  You want the food to look REALLY, REALLY good to viewers. Please try to take pics before you jump right in to eat lol. No one wants to see your half eaten food, trust me no one!

By all means, if you take pics of food that you have prepared at home, try to stay clear of posting on your blog unless your sharing with just family or friends on Facebook lol. Home food shots NEVER ever look good unless you’re a chef lol. Plus those paper plate shots, make me cringe! They also look unprofessional and most brands can not share that with corporate.

Turn the food around with the plate to get the perfect shot. I always try to also add the name of the restaurant. Companies like to see their branding in shots. I try to put a menu in the background or at least an outdoor shot of the restaurant walking in.

If you are looking on the menu, look for something really colorful that pops on your camera, it makes for a great image and its appeasing to the eye.

Show your personality by taking pics with the food and how much fun you are having with the entrees.

Try to always zoom out with a professional camera or you will have dark shadows. If you have a cell phone, you can zoom in really close.

Make your images as appetizing as the chef that prepared it. Before you know it, you may get invited out to different restaurants in your town to come out to try their new menu, or restaurant openings, you just never know! I have had corporate chains contact me and ask for my images because they were so good! I am not a professional photographer by no means but I do practice my craft a lot! Till next time! xoxo


True Food Kitchen


10 degrees restaurant


Bahama Breeze again, yum!


California Pizza Kitchen


Seasons 52


The Lawrence



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