Towanda Braxton Turns 40, Throws 80's Style Bash!

Towanda Braxton Turns 40, Throws 80’s Style Bash!

September 21st, 2013

Towanda Braxton 330-XL

Shout out to reality star and singer Towanda Braxton, who turned the big 4-0! Here in Atlanta she threw a huge 80’s party! I want to personally tell her, “Welcome to the 40 club lol! Come inside to check out all the pics and who showed up! 


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When I got the invite, I was a bit confused because it was suppose to be a themed party from the movie ‘School Daze’ but I guess they changed it to just a 80’s party lol. I guess they both kinda go hand-in-hand anyway. I didn’t make it out, it’s my daughter’s birthday too but I see that Towanda had a great time with her family and close friends. The event was held in Midtown at the Compound. The party was filled with high school marching bands, dancers, graffiti walls exhibits, dj booth, stepping crew and more! Looks like it was a fun event! Check out all the pics that Robin snapped! xoxo

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The Braxton Family

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Singer Toni Braxton posed up

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Towanda Braxton 189-XL

Singer Sammie

Towanda Braxton 177-XL

Singer Vina Mills

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Actress turned singer Demetria McKinney

Towanda Braxton 229-XL

Reality star Sharlinda Parker

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Towanda Braxton 566-XLTowanda Braxton 588-XLTowanda Braxton 611-XLTowanda Braxton 555-XL



all pics by Robin Lori


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