Tres Bien, The StarfireGroup celebrates

Ina and I

Ina and friends

Ok where shall I began? Should it be with the fire dude outside doing explosive spins with real fire?  Or shall I start with the random Mariachi Band in full costume performing?Or the caricature artist who drew me to a T? Maybe let’s talk about the live jazz band that had your toes tapping. I don’t know where to began guys but see thats what kinda party you get when you book with Ina Saulsberry! It’s always off the chain and explosive!

Cake was explosive

Caricature Artist

Fire Entertainer

Mariachi Band

I was asked to Co-Host a fab 3 year anniversary party for The StarfireGroup and I was so honored. FridayGirl Tv, and Ms.Ceo and me were all styled up in our all white, which Ina requested to host her event. I never wear all white but thats my girl, so anything for her! As I approached the Zucot Gallery located in the Castleberry Hill district of Atlanta, I saw the red carpet,cameras popping off and tons of people trying to get in. Pia and I knew this was going to be a blast!

Fridaygirl Tv

Princess Cut

Ina having a grand time! Ole!

Ina and her boo, awh!

Getting portrait done

Real, Ina and I

We hurried up to get in and mixed and mingled with the guest. I was then asked to greet everyone and make them feel at home. They also had door prizes and my pretty in pink new friend helped me pick a winner of a $200 gift card to Tous. The winner was my friend Tara Holland lol! Ina thanked everyone for coming and was presented with a pretty painting.After mingling, I got a caricature drawn by an artist and she was too cute! Princess Cut was playing some fab songs and the waitresses brought out fab bites to munch on. Purple drinks were poured provided by Three O! We had a ball and I want to thank Ina for allowing me to come and enjoy her celebration.

Christina Milian and I

Pia and I,see yah later xoxo

It was also nice chatting with Christina Milian and the picture you showed me of your daughter was precious! Loved her in her pink lol.I saw plenty of Pinktastic friends in the house and there were too many to mention but check out all the pics! Ina many years of success to you and your business! Pink Suga tired now, off to snoozeville lol.

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