TWT TEA: “ALL” The Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast Returning



So via The Wendy Williams Show today, it was reported that ALL 6 cast members will be returning for another season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I guess the producers had a change of heart with Porsha D. Williams after it was said she was fired due to her getting into a fight with fellow castmate Kenya Moore. It is stated in their contracts that they can not physically fight each other and did you know that they can’t sue each other either? They can file all day long but most of the time its dismissed and done for ratings, have you noticed that it goes away quietly when they do? I’m still not sure about this cast line up but when the new season comes back on, we will see who’s actually holding a peach! I’m actually excited to see all the ladies return because down here in the dirty, dirty it was rumored in the streets that Cynthia Bailey and Porsha D. Williams were handed their walking papers.


TWT TEA: Another gossip blog that I read said that NeNe Leakes was asking for more money and that Cynthia Bailey’s story line was boring as hell so she was on the chopping block but since her and NeNe fell out this season, there is her new story line ha! How will they film these two? Chile, I can’t! Hopefully they make up by the time the show airs. I guess Bravo agreed to pay NeNe more money and also “Ms.Gone With The Wind Fabulous” Kenya Moore too! Porsha D. Williams, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey did not make an appearance at Bravo’s Upfront party in NYC a few months ago but sources were saying maybe Bravo asked them to stay home because they wanted to keep everyone speculating if they would return. We checked their instagrams that day and they really weren’t doing much either to not attend…hmm?


Good job Bravo with keeping us all guessing but I hope this season I don’t see these pretty ladies actually fist fighting like crazed heathens! Their brand is way better than that and I was even shocked to see not one but two fights break out on this most-watched reality show! I’m still praying for my boo Apollo though, I actually really like him and you just have to know him, he’s such a sweetie. He will be sentenced next month, geesh! To be honest, I can do without seeing his wife on another season though…shade! LOL!

Oh by the way, they are also reporting that NOBODY is watching The Real Housewives of New York! Their ratings have plummeted so they are supposedly bringing in an African American wealthy lady and getting rid of some of the cast! I really don’t care about any of them or that whack show, it needs to be cancelled! Till next time! xoxo

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