atlanta housewives reunion show pt 1

TWT TEA: Atlanta Housewives Reunion Show Pt 1 + Bravo’s Housewives Awards Coming Soon!

April 8th, 2013


Did you guys get your life last night watching the Atlanta Housewives Reunion show pt 1? It was ok but I wanted it to be juicier but they may be teasing us so that we keep watching, you never know! I really enjoyed watching Kenya throw shade and poppin that fan up everytime someone said something she disapproved of! I was done with her lol! Kinda reminded me of reality star Joseline with the masquerade mask at Love & Hip Hop Atl’s reunion show last year, chile I can’t! NeNe sat there cute as heck laughing her heart out, while Phaedra had the stank face most of the show! Porsha looked just as delusional as always defending her man, poor baby. Kandi looked nice but Cynthia slayed all the gals wearing that keyhole sexy black dress! She didn’t have to say much because she already knew that she was the fiercest of them all, werk!

real housewives of atlanta reunion show


TWT TEA: A VERY good source called me last night to tell me that during the reunion show, when Kenya and Phaedra got into a tift about who’s dvd was out-selling who’s, Phaedra quickly stated that she didn’t care what Kenya says, blogs aren’t accurate and that Kenya needs to produce receipts. My source said, Phaedra is an attorney and they are quick on their feet and she is a also a manipulator. She knows that Kenya’s dvd is kicking her dvd’s butt but didn’t want to look bad on tv, she was totally lying. I don’t know and I really don’t care, as I sit here eating my Krispy Kreme donut lol.

So moving right along, according to online sources, they are reporting that Bravo plans on doing their very first housewives award show. This award show will be online. Viewers and fans can vote on who they love and for different categories. This sounds like fun huh? The categories consist of: Best Heels(my fav already), Most Desirable Destination Vacays, Hottest Hubby, Best Supporting Agitator, Most Coveted Closet and more. When the ladies stop by the fun house at Watch What Happens Live, the housewives will find out if they have won the award. I can’t wait to see pt 2 of the reunion show this Sunday! Also don’t forget to watch my girl Kenya on Live with Kelly & Michael tomorrow on ABC at 9am est to promote her Stallion Booty dvd and share scoop on the show! Till next time! xoxo


  1. Pam says:

    Is Kim your source?

  2. admin says:

    As a good blogger, how do I look revealing my sources? Noone does that lol!

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