TWT TEA: Cynthia Bailey and Porsha D. Williams Fired From Atlanta Housewives?

TWT TEA: Cynthia Bailey and Porsha D. Williams Fired From Atlanta Housewives?

April 24th, 2014


Say it aint so! I can’t believe it but maybe reality diva NeNe Leakes was on to something when she told Andy Cohen last week that Cynthia Bailey was boring and didn’t really bring that much to the show! Dayum! Around these parts today the streets are talking in the dirty, dirty! It’s rumored and on some legit news sites that Cynthia Bailey and Porsha D. Williams will NOT be returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Sources said there was a big meeting in NYC and their contracts were not renewed. That means I have to watch Phaedra Parks on another season? Smh! I’m in disbelief and I thought Porsha’s beat down to Kenya was pretty much justified since she was taunted but I guess Bravo has strict rules in their contracts about actually fighting huh? Do we all think that NeNe had something to do with Cynthia getting fired? She is the only reality star left from the original cast too. I just want to know did she or did she not go to bat for Cynthia in their closed meetings? Hmm?


TWT TEA: They said that NeNe Leakes contract was renewed and she got the most earnings, werk it girl! They also said we will NOT see Marlo Hampton anymore either, well dang! I’m sure NeNe shut that down with the quickness! LOL! No wonder Cynthia was in NYC the other day, she probably got the bad news while in town, awh!

An insider from Bravo revealed RHOA show producers wanted to change the dynamics of the hit show although the show’s ratings were high this season. Bravo producers said they want “real drama and not manufactured storylines”, among the housewives. ~Source

Chile this is a mess and I will miss Cynthia’s pretty face on my tv! I’m sure she will get more gigs because she has a heart of gold and she is very talented. Porsha girl, you better hire the best team in Atlanta to get you some more gigs so you can keep up that diva appearance with that big ol house, designer shoes, extravagant wardrobe and more! That lifestyle does not come cheap! Maybe she still can do club appearances who knows! More deets to come! Lawd! xoxo


  1. Katrina Taylor says:


    I am shocked that Cynthia is gone! Phadra story line is boring and she stayed….shocking! I am really going to miss Porsha I like her but she let Kenya get the best of her and the Kenya I can’t stand but man Bravo uses people and then drop them. What other kind of Drama can they come up with these ladies. While I love NeNe she need to be going too…she has nothing left but I know for sure the rating will surely drop cause she pulls in rating on every show she is on.

  2. admin says:

    Yes the Bravo execs aren’t stupid she is their cash cow! I will miss my Cynthia! They needed to fire Phaedra but people want to see how the story develops with Apollo going to jail and probably how she adjusts to that I’m sure!

  3. Yakini says:

    Noooo!!!! I really like Cynthia. I hope this isn’t true.
    Or maybe Bravo is doing that because they allegedly gave Peter his own show, and she will just be on that one.

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