TWT TEA: Was Fashion Blogger Courtney Kerr’s Show Canceled On Bravo?


I was going thru some pictures on my hard-drive when I came across a photo from New York Fashion Week. Thats when I saw the image of me and fashion blogger/reality star Courtney Kerr. 

Then I remembered that she had that reality show on Bravo(which was a spin-off from “Most Eligible Dallas”) called, Courtney Loves Dallas. Both shows did NOT do well on Bravo and it’s pretty safe to say that her show will not be returning either. From viewing the Bravo Ratings site, it said that she only got about 600,000 viewers and her numbers kept dropping tremendously every week(click here). I wonder what happened? I know I tuned in for a few shows, but I wanted to see more things about her blogging, not really about her personal life. People that I know that have fashion blogs said they were left feeling very disappointed too after watching because they thought it was going to be about something totally different than what they saw.

TWT TEA: I was at fashion week and not one but a few ladies were talking about Ms. Kerr and her funky attitude. They said she came off as standoffish when they would try to meet her or take a quick picture. The same thing happened to me as well when I saw her at my hotel(that we both were staying at by the way). She was brash, very matter of fact and bougie. I didn’t care for her spirit at all! Welp, maybe Karma kicked her in the butt, you can not be a public figure and have a stank attitude when fans want to meet you! She seems to have moved on and still out interviewing people and doing fashion posts on her blog. If I am not mistaken and I read correctly,  she will be at #LuckyFabb in Beverly Hills with me this week, lawd! This should be interesting! Till next time! xoxo


Image courtesy of Images by Leandra

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