TWT TEA: ‘I’m Dreamin’ Singer Christopher Williams Wakes Things Up In Upcoming Pillow Talk Episode On Atl Housewives!


Chile, I will be out of town this weekend but I got my DVR ready! The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be on and popping this Sunday and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, come on in to get the tea! 


Natalie Williams (alleged wife of Christopher)

I gave you guys the scoop(click here) on the handsome R&B Crooner Christopher Williams possibly joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and also me getting a chance to meet him. He was delightful and last weekend we saw him introduced on the show plus he serenaded Cynthia, when Peter surprised her on their 3 year wedding anniversary! Well this Sunday we will see silk and lace thongs flying and Hugh Hefner’esque robes come off with a huge fight scene called, Pillow Talk Party that NeNe Leakes hosted. Everyone had to come in their jammies but chile, things get heated! Tension builds during the event and Christopher, Apollo, Peter and poor Kenya Moore’s assistant Brandon DeShazer go at it!

TWT TEA: My source is saying that Brandon takes a few knuckle sandwiches to the face after Christopher Williams blurts out a few ugly comments about Kenya’s shady business practices over the years. They did a few chitlin circuit plays together back in their hey day and Williams thought to bring it up at the party! I’m sure his “alleged wife” Natalie whispered sweet nothings in Christopher’s ear about what Kenya said at the wine vineyard too! This all went down at a undisclosed hotel in Atlanta and I’m sure that franchise is glad it was not unveiled where they were taping lol.

I hear that Brandon got real buck and could not contain his anger after horrible accusations were hurled out about “Miss USA” and things got ugly! Brandon attempted to defend his boss but it took a turn for the worse! A brawl pursues and we will have to tune in to see who’s wig gets snatched! See, you can’t bring a silk robe to a gun fight chile! I have never known there to be an actual fight on the Atlanta Housewives but when you’re hungry for ratings anything can happen but I hope nobody got seriously injured. Till next time!

Sidenote: A few things I learned about Christopher Williams:

Nobody can find any record of Natalie & Christopher being legally married. In previous interviews over the years, he has NEVER mentioned her and has always denied being married not cool! Are they common law and faked being married to get on the show? Hmm?

He has a son with actress Stacey Dash

He dated Halle Berry for a stint and people thought it was him that ruptured her ear drum.

Check out the explosive video!


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