TWT TEA: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Returns


I just watched the super trailer for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta which is one of the most ratchet shows ever! I must admit, I LOVE to watch(don’t judge me lol) but boy I was not in for all this drama that has unfolded! 


First, I must say that my heart goes out to reality star Mimi Faust. She is online getting dragged to death and I can see why but I’m not here to judge this young lady! I just feel bad for her because I met and fell in love with her kind spirit a few years ago when she was my special guest at my Blogger Luncheon. I booked her because at the time I thought she was the classiest of them all. Two years have passed now and boy people change. I don’t know what all the increased attention did to her and who has been in her ear but I think her soul is lost. These producers of reality shows will use you up and spit you out! I hear that tv producer Mona Scott-Young is a beast and pretty brutal. I even heard somethings about her that I don’t care to mention from actual employees of hers past and present and it wasn’t nice. Rumor has it, she produced the sex tape that Mimi is in, say what?

If you guys are even thinking about doing reality tv or getting into the entertainment business, you have to be well prepared and thats why I have opted out on so many occasions to do reality stuff because its a scary world! I feel like Mimi got sucked up and she already was a fragile soul because of her strained relationship with her mom abandoning her. I feel like the devil got to my beloved Mimi. I know some of you are saying, well she knew what she was doing, she is grown, blah, blah, blah but you guys its deeper than we can ever imagine. Life can be crazy and you just don’t know what you would do in certain situations, so never, say never! Mimi now has a sex tape that has mysteriously been leaked online and its set to release real soon. Oh my word Mimi, you have a daughter, and things like that will FOREVER be there on the net! That fast money will disappear as soon as you get it! The devil is so busy, isn’t he? I’m saying multiple prayers for her and her family. Lets move on…

The all-new supertrailer for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s, third season contains more drama in four minutes than any of us will experience in a lifetime. You need to watch the whole thing, but to sum up, Mimi ad Nikko make harcore a sex tape, Kirk takes a secret paternity test, and Benzino gets shot. And that’s only about 30 seconds worth of this clip.

Season three kicks off on Monday, May 5th at 8PM ET/PT with the same old crew, plus a few fresh faces, including Waka Flocka Flame (!!) and his fiancee, Tammy Rivera, Basketball Wives LA star and Scrappy‘s new girl, Bambi, plus Yung Joc, Kalenna Harper and a few more newcomers on top of it all. Read all about the new season and the new cast right here!

TWT TEA: I saw that rapper Yung Joc has joined the cast and is said to be dating Karlie Redd, chile that is so fake! I saw him in the mall shopping with another pretty lady at the Giuseppe Zanotti store in Phipps. Karlie was NO where to be found. Yung Joc and I go way back too. He is a sweetie and I said to him, “why did you do that reality show, its so ratchet” he replied, “well it’s exposure and a check!” Wow, I guess people will do anything for money! I still love my Joc though! Also, rapper Waka Flocka and his fiancé has been added to the show too. They have a REAL relationship lol. Tammy Rivera and I have hung out a few times and I was invited to her fashion show. The Vh1 cameras were rolling too, you may see your girl lol. She is really sweet, can’t wait to see them on tv. So you guys watch these reality shows with caution and know that they are just for entertainment purposes plus they are loosely scripted and you already know that you can’t believe everything you see, ok? Till next time! xoxo

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