TWT TEA: Meet Newest Cast Member Of #LHHATL Tammy Rivera(Waka Flocka’s Fiance)


I love my job and sometimes I’m out at events snapping pictures without knowing lots of pretty faces in my lens. That’s just what happened a few days ago when I attended Giuseppe Zanotti shoe store opening in Phipps Plaza. Come inside for all the tea! 



I was doing my thing when I saw another entourage of people coming into the party and this time it rapper Waka Flocka and his folks. Well, first off you can’t miss him because he’s pretty tall and those long locs. He was hand in hand with a pretty petite lady and I later learned that her name was Tammy. When I went home to download the photos a bell started ringing in my head. This was the pretty young lady that I had been hearing about!


TWT TEA: Yep, this is Tammy Rivera who has a daughter with Waka and also engaged to the gangster rapper. She will be the newest castmember on the hit reality show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta! I guess after they booted Traci Steele off the show(click here for that tea) they have replaced her with Tammy! I thought it was going to be the other way around and Waka was going to be the main castmember but nope, it will be Tammy.Wacka will make a few guest appearances on the show. Wacka recently did an interview with The Breakfast Club talking about his fiance joining the cast and Tammy confirmed it with a few tweets saying “cats out of the bag”. From my understanding, she loves fashion and maybe that’s why she was at Giuseppe’s store opening. I’m elated because if she loves fashion as much as I do, I will be sure to have plenty of posts on her style! She was very sweet when I talked to her at the event and she told me what she was wearing, she said, “I’m in Versace shoes” and we laughed(being that it was a Giuseppe event..whoops). She was a sweetie but she’s going to have to get tough when they start filming because those reality divas can be rough, ooh chile! I think that she can hold her own though and maybe she will bring lots of fashion to the show, which is much needed! I told Waka congrats on their engagement and he smiled for me. It’s so nice to see a gangsta rapper fall head-over-heels for a young lady, it softens them up a bit more! I wonder will they get married on the show? Till next time! xoxo


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