TWT TEA: More Hollywood Ex’s Atlanta Revealed, I Told Yah First!


So a few weeks back, I reported first to you guys that they were working on a spin-off show from Vh1’s Hollywood Ex’s click here. Well this week all the bigger news sources finally picked up my story but didn’t bother to credit me but that’s ok. My faithful readers know I reported it here first ha! I’ve been getting all kinds of emails and phone calls from readers and friends saying girl you reported that weeks ago! I live right here in Atlanta and we usually get the scoop pretty quickly here, it’s mainstream media that has to catch up with us! Come inside to get the new tea on more of the cast that may be joining this new spin-off show! 


Lisa Wu, Tameka Raymond, Muah

I first met Cee-Lo’s ex Christina here in Atlanta and she was very nice and must I say beautiful! I remember the whole family being on MTV’s ‘Sweet 16’ with their daughter who wanted to be a fashion designer. I was in very intrigued  with Cee-Lo’s family way back then. When I moved here to Atlanta, I would see Cee-Lo out and about and thought he was pretty cool guy. I had heard rumors that he was allegedly a ‘ladies man’ but who knows. I snapped the above picture of Cee-Lo and Christina in happier times attending a Ludacris charity event.

TWT TEA: Now that brings us up to date on the new tea about other cast members that will be possibly joining the show! It’s rumored that it’s Usher’s Ex Tameka Raymond, which I already said, and now I’m hearing its going to be actor Idris Elba’s ex wife Kim, NFL Player Ray Buchanan’s ex and one more mystery lady.Who shall it be?  It’s getting steamy out here  and I can’t wait for this show to air, I will be tuned in with my popcorn and pepsi! I don’t know why our shows from Atlanta are more interesting that in other cities lol!

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