TWT TEA: Private Screening of Preachers of L.A. Season 2


Bishop Noel Jones and Bishop Ron Gibson

I headed out yesterday evening for a private screening of the hit reality show Preachers of L.A. (season 2) and boy am I glad I got the chance to see it! You guys out there are in for a real treat if you watch this reality show! We also had the pleasure of having two of the pastors from the show in attendance which included Bishop Noel Jones and Bishop Ron Gibson. They did a Q&A with us after the screening and boy did it get heated! Check out more inside!


The two Bishops did a few photo opts and tv interviews on the red carpet at AMC movie theater inside Phillip Plaza. Both were in good spirits as they made their way into the theater to watch the new season with us. But after they saw the screening for the first time, all hell broke loose! Tension filled the air! The reality of it all was that both had not seen the footage prior, so they didn’t know what to expect and after the screening egos and emotions took over both of them! It was a bit awkward but both kept their composure throughout the duration of the Q&A but it was a bit difficult to sit through.



TWT TEA: The beef all started after on the first season you see Pastor Jay Haizlip marry minister Deitrick and Dominique Haddon. If you remember after the ceremony, that’s when it was revealed that they were expecting another child. That didn’t sit too well with Pastor Haizlip. On the show he stated that he wish that he was informed that they were with child before he married them. He felt shaded a bit and was not really given the option to say yes or no. If he would have known prior to that, that they were indeed expecting, he may or may not have married them. His morals and values felt compromised. That’s when Bishop Ron Gibson said that he totally agreed with his statement and that it was morally wrong.  That’s when Bishop Noel Jones said that it was not a sin that they were with child. Thats when they got into a heated argument right in front of us! There was some major shots fired, subliminal messages and more. The room was filled with a lot of tension. After going back and forth, both Bishops finally agreed to disagree and said they loved each other.

If you do decide to tune in to the new season of Preachers of L.A. you will love it! Its full of drama, surprises and so much more! I dont want to spoil anything so I won’t say too much but its really good! Later, I was sitting chatting with my friend Yvette and Ron walked pass with his wife and he asked us how did we enjoy the show. I said I loved it and jokingly I mentioned to him that he reminded me of the two brothers in the singing group The Whispers. He laughed and said, “yes I have heard that a few times”. I like Bishop Gibson, he is a cool dude and dresses very sharp!

Sidenote: I’m so confused with the churches of today. People pull different scriptures and versus from the bible and use that for their advantage. I use to go to church faithfully but for some reason, I stopped. I find churches very questionable. Now that I’m grown and can fully understand and comprehend what they’re saying, I question a lot in what’s taught. I also find “church folks” the most judgmental, fake and mean spirited people I have ever met! I can tell you so many stories but we would be here all day but my point is, I do have a very spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ and I try to live my life right but some of these Pastors, Deacons etc need more prayer than me lol. I will leave it at that! Don’t forget to tune in on Oxygen, Wednesday, August 20th at 10pm. xoxo







Images provided by Robin Lori Photography and Paras Griffin

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