TWT TEA: Rasheeda & Her Baby Bump Attend Birthday Bash! No Kirk In Sight!

TWT TEA: Rasheeda & Her Baby Bump Attend Birthday Bash! No Kirk In Sight!

June 16th, 2013


Birthday Bash an annual hip hip celebration that takes place here in Atlanta, was held yesterday afternoon. I was not setting foot in there lol. I see rapper & reality star Rasheeda was brave enough to attend! Her and her cute baby bump made it out! Come inside to see more pics of the reality diva! Plus read my tea I got! 


From looking at Rasheeda’s facial expression she looks a bit peeved but maybe because it was almost 100 degrees here in Atlanta and she is expecting a baby and that can make anyone irritable. Talking with Tami stayed at the house and kicked back because I did NOT want to deal with all the foolery! Either way, she looked cute and she is carrying her baby well! Blogger buddy¬†Freddy O snapped a few pics of the reality beauty as she made her way into the venue. Rasheeda took the time to stop and sign an autograph for a young fan too, how cute!

TWT TEA: It is on several gossip blogs that Kirk & Rasheeda are cooling it for awhile and we kinda seen that coming if you watched last weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Lots of people couldn’t figure out why Kirk was treating Rasheeda so disrespectful when she told him she was expecting but sources are saying that Rasheeda supposedly had an affair. Then I am hearing that Kirk allegedly had an affair too but who really knows! What had me shaking my head is that last week, it was reported that Kirk wants a blood test because he has doubts that the baby Rasheeda is carrying is truly his. It’s also rumored that her baby may be by music producer Memphitz, which is a friend of the blog and we all know that Rasheeda is really good friends with reality star Toya! Chile bye!

I saw Rasheeda at Toya’s surprise birthday party last year, so I am NOT believing that one at all! I saw Toya & Memphitz the other day at a book signing and asked both of them. I said, “are you guys aware that you are on the blogs saying Memphitz, YOU MAY BE THE FATHER of Rasheeda’s baby?” He and Toya looked so confused and Toya quickly said, “that is so ignorant and Rasheeda is my good friend!” See how rumors get started you guys! Welp, we have cleared that up! I want to know if Rasheeda keeps telling everyone her and Kirk are doing fine like she told my blogger buddy Freddy O yesterday, then where is Kirk? They have not made any public appearances together lately or is this a plow to get you guys to watch the show and drum up ratings? Time will tell! Till next time! xoxo




all pics courtesy of Freddy O


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