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black ink crew

So another reality show that I’m addicted to and watch for no apparent reason at all (plus I don’t even have one tattoo) is Vh1’s Black In Crew! It premiered March 31st and I missed it because I was traveling but I just watched the rerun and it was just like I expected, full of drama! You all know these reality shows are the new-age soap operas, so they get one hour of my time now lol. 

dutchess black ink crew

Dutchess Lattimore is back after revealing that on last season she was pregnant in Jamaica. Her on and off again beau Ceaser left her behind high and dry out there on the Island to die, but he didn’t know how sick she got from complications from the pregnancy, well dayum! She is back now and trying to kiss and make up! I do not like her or her funky attitude and I see why Ceaser left her because she is toxic. Something keeps these two together for some reason! I had a previous relationship sorta like this and it don’t feel good, argh! I do like Ceaser but he has a very nonchalant personality, too funny! My favorite character on the show is my dude Puma Robinson though! He is the most level headed person on there to me and I like his grind. He is very charming and he loves his family.


TWT TEA: So I have a friend that lives in New York City right around the corner from where this tattoo parlor is suppose to be. Word on the curb is that they are NEVER open! I mean, NEVER! They are only open when they are filming and do not take any customers. How weird is that? I can tell you guys this though. I know two reality stars here in Atlanta that operate the same way. I’m not going to name any names but just do a lil bit of googling! Most of these supposedly legit businesses these reality stars have in real life are full of fallacies! Beware guys and save your money!  They rarely are open, do not answer the phones, return emails or conduct any real business what so ever. I tell my readers all the time, watch these “reality shows” for entertainment purposes only because most of it is smoke and mirrors! From their bootleg non-profits, charities, boutiques, etc, don’t feed into it! I watch, laugh, tweet and carry on with real life. Black Ink Crew airs on Vh1, Mondays at 9:30pm est.  Till next time!

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