TWT TEA: Traci Steele Fired From ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’


Welp and there you have it! DJ Traci Steele was just fired from Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta! For those of you that watch, did yall smell this coming or what? Come get the deets inside and my opinion lol!  

Traci said that she was not ‘turnt up’ enough to be apart of all the ratchetness that takes place on the most popular reality show Love & Hip Hop ATL. She must have not googled Mona Scott-Young prior to auditioning for the show, lawd! I knew from the beginning when I got word that she was going to be part of the cast, that she was not a good fit. Although her way on the reality show was that she has a child and was in a previous relationship with Chris Brown’s dj, Baby Drew, viewers still was NOT interested in her or their weird relationship. I’ve seen her out and about in Atlanta and she’s cool but some folks just don’t need to be on reality tv.

TWT TEA: She was asked in an exclusive interview with gossip site Bossip why did she do the show in the first place and she stated that it was for “exposure”, to help get her son noticed so he could get a modeling contract and some other stuff. Plus, she was pushing some lipgloss brand that is nothing all that special. I can count on all my fingers and toes with all these reality stars that have pseudo makeup lines that crash and burn… yawn! Oh by the way, Baby Drew (her baby daddy) will not be returning either, he got the axe too yikes! I was wondering why she never left the radio station that she works for, I would hear her on there time to time, she never left even after the show aired, which was very smart on her part! Till next time! xoxo


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