Vh1's Hollywood Exes Coming Back With New CastMember

Vh1’s Hollywood Exes Coming Back With New Cast Member

June 12th, 2013


Are you guys ready for another dose of Vh1’s hit all gal reality show Hollywood Exes? Well it’s set to return for a second season with a brand new diva! Find out who after the jump! 


Nicole Murphy(ex-boo of Eddie Murphy), my girl Sheree Fletcher(ex-boo of Will Smith), Andrea Kelly(ex- boo of R. Kelly), Jessica Conseco(ex-boo of Jose Canseco) and Mayte Garcia(ex-boo of Prince) are back with a new face which is Shamicka Lawrence(ex-boo of Martin Lawrence) damn Martin Lawrence is divorced twice? He must be something to wreckin with I don’t remember ever reading about this split geesh! Martin definitely has a type, he likes them light & bright and damn near white lol. The new season airs July 8th at 10pm on Vh1. Me and Sheree been playing phone tag but might get to have lunch with her while I’m in Los Angeles this month! I’m going to try to get the tea! LOL!

Check this out that was in the press release:

Drea, who has been spending her time between Chicago and Los Angeles, is not happy with Jessica for some choice words she shared with Drea on Twitter. After returning to L.A., she and Jessica will finally have it out, resulting in one of the most explosive – and honest – confrontations in the show’s history. Meanwhile, Jessica struggles with being the single mom of a rebellious teenager – Josie has been acting out and her grades are slipping. Mayte, who has been desperate to have a child, makes plans to adopt a one-year-old baby. The others worry that everything is happening too fast – what if something goes wrong and Mayte loses another child? Finally, Shamicka’s wounds from her divorce are still fresh – her divorce from Martin Lawrence was just recently finalized. Every day brings new challenges that only a Hollywood Ex can understand, but thankfully the others are there to help her find her way. 


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