Vision Board: New Year, New Me!


Hey guys this is my first post of 2014 and I’m feeling grateful and so happy to see another year! Happy New Year To You! I’m sure you guys know about vision boards right? I have made a few for awhile now and they have really put a lot of things in my families lives into perspective. Last night my family gathered around the dinner table and we said a prayer and started to jot down things that we wanted to accomplish in the new year. Believe it or not, I had the longest list but from looking back at 2013, most of what I wanted to accomplish really did come true!


I often Tweet, Instagram and Facebook some of my dreams and do you know that most of them have come true. Some of the things that I had written down for last year really did happen for me! Here are a few things that I had on my list….

I want to work with a major publication. I met a Vogue Editor at an event and now I’m a Vogue Blogger Influencer!

I want to travel more. I think I went out of town at least 15 times last year! Los Angeles, Nashville, Philadelphia, Miami, New York, Vegas! Wow!

I want to increase my readership on my blog! My numbers grew tremendously last year! Thanks for reading everyone!

I want to work with more brands! I had more brand campaigns than I could ever imagine last year! Some were C Wonder, Aio Wireless, Lyft, Ford Fiesta Movement etc….

So I really think that the sky is the limit this year and I really hope it brings me all that I ask for and more! If you have never tried doing a vision board, try it to see if it works for you.Write down things you would like to do, see and be! Let me know how it works out for yah! Stay blessed everyone and have an amazing 2014! xoxo



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