Wardrobe Breakdown: Jeannie Mai On Instagram

Tv Personality Jeannie Mai posted on her instagram, “If it requires pants or a bra it ain’t happening today”. I don’t blame her and with this heat wave we’re having here in Atlanta, who would want to lol. She was here in Atlanta enjoying the sun and probably hanging out with her fiance and rapper Jeezy. I have seen time and time again lots of denim swimsuits trending and they look so cute but I always wondered how they would stand up in the water? ¬†You always see ladies take photos poolside in these cute denim swimsuits and bikinis but I want to know how functional they actual are? I do love the new twists on the classic denim though. More pics inside and what Jeannie was wearing, stay safe out there.

Jeannie was wearing a Fox’s One-Piece Denim Print Swimsuit with belt


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