Wardrobe Breakdown: KeKe Palmer Promo Shoot For Song SNACK

KeKe posed it up on instagram wearing a brightly colored yellow motorsport jacket for her music video promo. She’s getting pumped up for her latest new music video, SNACK.┬áThis promo shoot looks like it took place somewhere here in Atlanta but I could be wrong but lots of the people that were on board with her glam squad live here in ATL. I love the roller-skates too, boy do I miss rollerskating right about now lol! I think this might have been shot at the iconic rollerskating rink Cascade because the decor looks familiar. More pictures and what she was wearing inside…

KeKe was wearing a Elevation XII motorsport coat from the Fall 2019 Collection

In KeKe’s music video, she was also wearing a purple blazer dress by designer Giuseppe di Morabito from the Fall 2019 Collection.



Images by Lawrences Murray/Instagram

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