Wardrobe Breakdown: Tamron Hall Celebrates 300th Episode

On the Wednesday, April 14th edition of “Tamron Hall,” Tamron celebrated the 300th episode of her show by diving into the compelling stories and deeper meanings that are tied to our clothing. New York Times bestselling author Emily Spivack joined the show to discuss her book Worn Stories which inspired the new hit Netflix docuseries of the same name.

Tamron was also joined by viewers from across the country who shared the most meaningful items in their closet and the incredible stories that are woven into the fabric of those items. Additionally, Tamron shared her joy and best wishes for former Bachelor star Colton Underwood, who came out as gay this morning on “Good Morning America”.

Congrats To Tamron and I have details on what she was wearing to celebrate such a prestigious milestone inside and video clip!


Tamron was wearing Jumpsuit by Rodarte // Shoes by Tom Ford // Earrings by Dazzle Jewelry

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