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Well Dayum,Chateau Sheree Is Finally Getting Built!

April 22nd, 2012

A VERY good friend of mine was telling me a few weeks back that She by Sheree did have that eye soar of a dirt mound right across the street from his home. We joked about was it EVER going to get built! Well he just sent me over this new photo as of today and guess what? She by Sheree is really getting her home built! Maybe we counted her coins to quickly or Bob finally paid up, or perhaps Bravo gave her a NICE departing gift! Whatever the case, the studs are in the walls now and we will be updating you on the progress of the property! Good for her, now she can have some peace! I wonder if it will be gated since it sits on a corner lot? From the looks of it right now, anyone can just stop and walk up and take photos, not a good look! xoxo




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