WEtv’s Cutting It In the ATL Mushiya Introduces “My Natural Doll”

WEtv’s Mushiya from Cutting It In The ATL took to social media to announce the arrival of her new kinky-haired doll line called My Natural Doll, just in time for the holidays. Black Friday (Nov. 25th) will kick-off a holiday sale on the doll reducing the regular retail price of $195 to $165. The doll can be purchased online at www.runwaycurls.com.



Available for purchase just in time for the holidays, My Natural Doll will showcase and celebrate the unique beauty of all little girls with chocolate, brown skin and kinky-curly crowns. Inspired by the two daughters of WEtv’s Mushiya and creator of The Damn Salon and Runway Curls, the doll features Ethiopian-textured, 100% virgin hair from the Runway Curls Classic Collection established by Mushiya. My Natural Doll was created for little girls of African descent who need to be exposed to a reflection of themselves when playing with their baby dolls. The doll was also designed to help shape the perception of beauty and self-confidence in young black girls, who have always lacked a choice in dolls that they can fully identify with.
“Black girls will be able to look at this doll and see her rich beautiful dark skin and kinky hair that is identical to the hair that grows from their own heads,” says Mushiya Tshikuka. “Your young girls will look at this doll, looking back at them, and know that they are beautiful.”

Brand: My Natural Doll
Name of Introductory Doll: Keleshe
Retail Price: $195
Holiday Sales Price (kicking-off on Nov. 25th thru Dec. 25th): $165
Purchase: www.RunwayCurls.com
Order by Dec. 19th to Receive by Christmas
Length: 18”
Weight: 22 oz.
Material: Vinyl arms, legs and face with cloth body
Skin Tone: Chocolate Brown
Hair: Kinky Curly 100% Virgin African Textured Hair from Runway Curls Classic Collection
Clothing: African Print Baby Doll Dress, designed by Mushiya and Belasse

Photo Credit: Drexina Nelson Photography

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