What I want for Christmas

Here are some things that I would love to have for Christmas. Even though I write it down and hand to my hubby(coughing) he still gets it wrong. Don’t have a clue why but he does. I dont know if he just hates going shopping or spending the money lol.

Disney Cruise with family

People always ask me what I want but I never get it so I whine up buying it myself. Christmas only comes around one time a year and I think I deserve atleast one of these things, dont you agree. I have been working hard over here and deserve one of these goodies, let’s see what happens Christmas morning lol. xoxo

Sex and the City 2 on DVD

Betsey Johnson pj’s

A pair of Ugg Boots!

This Collector Barbie Argh!!

A trip to Paris,France ooh lala!

A Pair of Loubi’s

This Black Chanel purse!

A new subscription to Vogue Magazine

A Pink Kitchenaid Mixer

I would love this book!

His and Hers spa day!

A new pair of Betsey Johnson shoes!

A pair of Pink Sweats from Victoria’s Secret!

And ofcourse my pink beetle bug!

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