What To Wear: Christmas Dinner At Grandma’s House

What to wear

What to wear was always my drama during the holidays. We always headed out for Christmas at both relatives house. We split the time spent in half with each side. Back home, my husband and I would first start at my mom’s house and then later end up at my husband’s grandmother’s home for Christmas dinner. She was our last stop because she loved to cook and liked to have all the family over to open presents. Everyone’s family traditions are different but this year it’s a bit sad because my husband’s grandmother unexpectedly passed away. The house is still there but it’s very quiet now but noone is heading there for her delicious Christmas dinner this year. I will miss Mrs. Reed’s homemade sweet potatoes that she showed me how to prepare and a lot more of things she would cook. My husband is there now but headed down here for Christmas. I know he feels very sad that he won’t see his granny’s smile for the holidays.

We all get used to family traditions and then when something suddenly happens that you were not expecting, it kinda makes you feel helpless. I know that I was always the one that was scrambling to find something comfortable to wear traveling from house to house and then trying to dress the kids, it was no fun for me lol. I ended up wearing jeans or leggings to look kinda cute but who is looking to be stylish when you’re trying to throw down at the dinner table and enjoy all the yummy food ha! Here is a cute look I put together for you to wear to your families get togethers. Remember, I love you guys for reading but appreciate your family and all the time spent, be grateful and hug on each and everyone of them and take lots of pictures, you just never know. Till next time! xoxo

Christmas at Grandma's House


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