What To Wear: Private Dinner Party

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You ever got an invite in the mail to go to event and the attire reads, “semi-formal”? I get them all the time and headed to a private dinner party this weekend and I have to wear something a bit fancy. The event is very upscale with a huge brand, so I want to look nice. A few of my friends that are attending already called me to ask what they should wear. I have a few suggestions for you. Semi-Formal is usually when you wear something that is not a ball gown but not something that you would wear out normally. For instance work attire. So that means, no blouses and skirts, slacks and blouse, and please do not wear club attire! When it says semi-formal, that means to dress up a bit more that you would normally do and leave the flats at home or in the car lol. So I’ve put together a few looks that can give you an idea of what to wear to an event that requires semi-formal attire and if you are still confused, wear a black cocktail dress, it works every time lol. 

What To Wear To A Dinner Party

Or this look would be perfect!

What To Wear to a dinner party

Oscar de la Renta eyelet dress

Alaïa alaia sandals

Elizabeth arden eye shadow

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