Where Are They Now? Pastor Deitrick Haddon


Well, well, well, I know one thing. I may forget your name but I will never forget a face! Especially if I interviewed you before lol. My friend and fellow tv producer Andre hit me up and asked me if I had remembered interviewing Pastor Deitrick Haddon. I said he looks very familiar but I didn’t know exactly from where. That’s when he sent me this VERY old footage of him at a red carpet event here in Atlanta. I was cracking up because I was brand new in the entertainment business. Come check out break-out reality star Deitrick with his then, first wife Damita! 

Back in 2005, I had no clue who Deitrick was. I don’t really follow gospel artist but was assigned to cover a gospel event for a tv show I was working with called, College Talk. Deitrick hit up the carpet with his first wife Damita. I asked my questions, he answered and then he introduced me to her.

Now he is divorced from Damita and has a new wifey named Dominque which he shows a lot on their hit tv show “Preacher’s of L.A” on Oxygen.  I met up with him again this summer at the BET Awards in Los Angeles. He was on 10 and was full of energy but that’s who always makes it, those who are “extra” for no reason lol. He has a lot of controversy behind him as well because it was recently revealed a few weeks ago that some not so nice pics of “him” leaked on the internet. I was shocked not really because he is a minister and who does such a thing but this is those new-age preachers now, no telling what else they do behind closed doors, chile…. Till next time! xoxo

Update: He also allegedly now owes Uncle Sam over $200,000 in back taxes…yikes!


Deitrick and his new wife Dominique at the BET Awards 2013 in Los Angeles


Check out my quick interview with him!


images by Robin Lori

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