Who’s Got Soul Cafe, yummy!


Chef Keith Kash


I think that Ive found a place to eat thats just like my God moms food back home in Cleveland. When my family moved to Atlanta a few years back we hunted high and  low to find somewhere that had southern soul food. I have to admit I just love comfort food. Its something about the flavor,taste and the feeling it gives me when I eat it.


I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Keith Kash a few years back at the Real Men Can Cook event. He gave me a sample of some of his food and I was hooked! I’ve seen him at several red carpet events and we became fast buddies. It’s always good to have a Chef on speed dial lol. He has two Who’s Got Soul Cafe restaurants in Atlanta and one of his cafes is right by me! Yes, I did a jig when I found this out!

When I talked to Chef Kash, he told me he learned how to cook from his mom, he loves it!


My hubby and I went to this restaurant and ordered every thing on the menu.We wanted to sample everything! We were greeted by some friendly staff that was very eager to make me fat! I’m mad at them but everything was soo tasty. Chef Kash has lots of great things on the menu and you have to try the banana pudding, peach cobbler,home made cakes, yams,baked chicken,stuffing and so much more. Am I making you hungry? Yes, thats the point and after I write this post, I’m headed there for lunch. I eat there atleast once a week. I think its reasonably priced and the customers I talked to love it and eat there daily. They said they are in a coma after eating there but try real hard to get some work done back at the office lol. Please check out Who’s Got Soul Cafe and tell me how you loved it! http://www.whosgotsoulcafe.com/

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