Williams-Sonoma Artisan's Market at Lenox Mall - Talking With Tami

Williams-Sonoma Artisan’s Market at Lenox Mall

July 6th, 2011

On July 2, I made my way down to Williams-Sonoma for the Artisan’s Market at Lenox Mall. I had a lovely time meeting all the vendors with their fabulous and tasty products! It was an exclusive and exciting event, and I learned so much. I even ran into comedian Pierre, who was sampling Sweet Grass Dairy cheese. He said it was good.

Comedian Pierre Sampling Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese

Savannah Bee Company

Braswell Food Company Jam

You guys know that I’m a foodie, so many of the samplings I had were very tasty. I loved how Williams-Sonoma brought in local farmers and artisans to the store so that customers could meet them and put a face with who was behind the brands. One of my favorite artisans is Angie Tillman and her Phickles Pickles! I tried the pickled green beans and bought a jar to take home because they were so yummy and tangy! I kept making faces because they were tart, but then I kept saying, “Let me try one more!” (lol). Angie was a delight to talk to and it’s a family-owned business out of Athens, Ga. Chef and Author Virginia Willis was cooking up something amazing and has a new cookbook out called Bon Appetit.

Chef/Author Virginia Willis

Emily G's Jams

Angie Tillman owner of Phickles Pickles and I

Cocao Atlanta

Y’all, I am also a tea drinker and enjoyed Braswell Food Company’s refreshing iced tea. I also got to chat with Alisa Barry from Porta Via Bella Cucina. The hand-made jams and relish were yummy! I also talked with Emily from EmilyG’s, who had delicious jams, and I loved her packaging! It was a great day for people to come out and try all the products. This event will take place every first Saturday of the month from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Thanks to Williams-Sonoma for the personal invitation.



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