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Yandy Smith Does Striptease For Her Boo! Really?

February 6th, 2013

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I’m cracking up because these reality stars be doing the most! Yandy Smith just released a video via YOUTUBE of her doing a striptease for her boo Mandeecees. His name is too confusing for me but let’s move it along here lol. My thing is this…girl you are NOT married to this dude! These young girls do soo much to land a guy, what will you do once you get married? If you ever get married in the first place. My other issue with the video is that if it was a birthday gift for your boyfriend, why in the hell are you releasing it for the world to see Yandy?

I yell and rant to my teen daughter every day that guys like a challenge and do not respect desperate acting females! Let the guy chase you and give them something to look forward to later on! Too many females play house, get tattoos with a guys name that they don’t even have a wedding ring from and do more dumb chit that I see happen on a daily basis! And to make matters worse, ain’t this guy facing criminal drug & sexual battery charges? Pause…I’m not here to judge but come on now, our younger generation is watching all of this ratchetness and think it’s cute! WE need to do better! Welp atleast he will have a nice video to watch if he heads to the clinker! #Fail. Till next time! xoxo

Check out her video, chile bye!


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