2021 Toyota Venza XLE, Is It Worth Buying?

You read the title and I’m going to say YES! I review a lot of vehicles and I have to say that this 2021 Toyota Venza was in my top five of all-time and especially since it was extremely good on gas! They literally dropped this hybrid off to me last Wednesday and it comes on full and I never put gas in it for the entire week, that blew my mind!  We all know with the rising cost of fuel, this is a must-have when looking for a new car!

I am in the market right now for a new vehicle and now I’m really considering this Toyota Venza. It made me think twice about my purchasing. I also live 50 minutes away from the city of Atlanta, so I am constantly commuting back and forth. A car that’s good on gas, comfort, style and price is  a big priority for me. 

Would I buy this Venza if I walked on a car lot right now, absolutely. I would just want a sunroof which my model did not have but that’s ok lol. It’s a very economical car for a new family or an empty nester like me! For more information visit the site to see all the bells and whistles and if you are in the market, I highly suggest you check this SUV out! Starting at $34,235.

For more info…Toyota Venza

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