4 Reasons For Calling An Emergency Electrician

Modern electrical systems are remarkably reliable. You can live in a house for many years without encountering any problems beyond burst fuses and blown bulbs. There are, however, some more serious issues that can occur. When something serious goes wrong with your electricity supply or an appliance, you are far better off calling a professional. Tinkering with high voltage mains electricity without proper training is a terrible idea – and it could land you in the hospital.

Here are four signs that you might need to call in an emergency electrician. 

Strange Noises

Strange noises are a classic red flag when dealing with electrical systems. Although many electrical appliances make quiet humming or buzzing noises that should not be any problem at all, a louder-than-usual sound could indicate that there is a partial circuit break or a point of resistance. Major problems in old fuse boxes can be dangerous, and make a loud buzzing noise. 


Sparking is not an unusual occurrence when you plug something into an outlet. Tiny blue sparks can momentarily occur when the plug is very close to completing an electrical circuit with the power source. This is called ‘arcing’ and is the same process you can sometimes see when you are riding on a tram or electric train in the dark. It is nothing to worry about. If the spark lasts for any more than a fraction of a second or isn’t a blue color, then it can be considered an abnormal spark and needs the attention of an electrician. 

Abnormal sparks can be caused by overloading, improper installation, wear over time or short circuiting. All of these require diagnosis and repair from a local emergency electrician, such as those working with Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical. 


Flooding causes all sorts of damage to electrical workings. After a flood, no matter how small, you’ll need to call in a professional to inspect your house. Flooding can cause short circuiting, which in turn is a fire hazard that could put lives and livelihoods at risk. 

Although flood damage to electrical systems is usually immediate, there are some long-term effects of water damage that may not be immediately apparent to the untrained observer. An emergency electrician will be able to spot subtle damage to your wiring. 

Unexplained Blackouts

Power cuts and blackouts are usually nothing to be too concerned about. Neighborhood-wide power outages are nowhere near as common as they used to be. When they do occur, they are usually fixed from afar within minutes. Unexplainable hyper local blackouts, however, should be a little bit more worrying. If the power goes out in your home and nobody else’s then it is time to call in an emergency electrician. Usually, the problem will just be with your circuit breaker. If resetting the circuit breaker in your home does not solve the problem then it is likely your power lines themselves have been disrupted. Investigating disrupted power lines is a job for a professional. 

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