Celeb Stylist Jason Bolden Talks Picking Cynthia Erivo’s Stunning Oscars Gown

Celebrity stylist Jason Bolden opened up about choosing Cynthia’s custom Versace white gown and bringing her glamorous dreams true. Plus, find out which other stars he styled! Watch the video clip inside, I’m always fascinated on how stylist put looks together for celebrities when they attend high profile red carpet events!

Jason Bolden talks on styling Cynthia Erivo’s Oscar 2020 Red Carpet Dress

“Where do we start? I mean, it was custom Atelier Versace. Literally, Donatella was in our first fitting, it was like magical. Can you imagine? Cynthia walked into the room, and Donatella standing there in full Versace mode, and Cynthia hits the floor in tears, she’s bawling crying. I had seen her the whole entire journey, she had been really solid and just really cool, and she literally lost it.”

“For this particular situation, Cynthia was like ‘Jason, I just want to feel like a warrior princess.’ And, I was like ‘Okay, who can do that?’ And, I was like, ‘Oh, Versace.’ So, I reach out to the people at Versace, give them that reference, and they send sketches. And, I pick out the one that I love, and present it to the client. And, Cynthia fell in love with the white.”

“Yes, I only do that. I do a very tight edit. You don’t get options with me… Yeah, I think it’s building that trust. As you’ve seen, on all of her looks, everyone falls in love with it because it’s so sensational.”

“Again, I talked to Daniel from Schiaparelli, he was in the middle of his couture collection, and he made this for her – in the middle of his couture collection. And, he sent me a sketch, and I was like, ‘this is the sketch.’ I showed it to Cynthia, she fell in love with it. The dress comes the day before SAG, and he calls me, he’s like, ‘I couldn’t make that dress because of x-y-z reasons, but I think you’re going to love this.’ I pull it out, put it on Cynthia, and when she tries it on she goes, ‘this isn’t the dress.’ And, then I turn her towards the mirror, she goes, ‘this is my dress.’ So, it was the perfect moment. She didn’t realize, until that moment, that the sketch had changed and the dress had changed, but she fell in love with it. And, the Schiaparelli is one of the most memorable moments.”


Image via Jason’s Instagram

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