Celebrating National Grandparents Day

Did you guys know there was a holiday called,¬†National Grandparents Day? Yes, there is a such thing and it’s always celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day! Grandparents are so very special and I never got a chance to really spend a lot of time with my grandparents at all. I don’t know my dad’s side and I got to know my Grandma Nellie later in life.

I did find out after my grandma died that she was born in Atlanta, Ga. I found that interesting since I moved here in 2005. I felt so at home and at peace when I moved here. I loved seeing all her pictures of her and learned that she loved getting her nails done and wearing false eyelashes lol. She was also a retired nurse. Wish I could have spent more time with her as a young person but the time we did spend together meant a lot to me.

Now I am a grandma too and I vowed to spend as much quality time with my grandson Legend as I possibly can! I remember when my daughter was pregnant, people started to ask me, what will he call you? I said, “hmm, I never thought about it but whatever he was comfortable with saying” lol. He calls me “mommy” when my daughter is not around and “granny” when she is. If he needs something, he yells out, “Ma!” it’s the cutest thing ever lol.

He likes to play “chicken wing” with me and go on nature walks to see all the animals along the way. He really enjoys the great outdoors. He loves the park and playing on the swing. He really changed my life in a good way and I love him to pieces, that’s my “boogy bear”. I’m forever grateful for him choosing me as his granny! Have a blessed day everyone.¬†

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