Conan O’Brien, Kevin Hart & Ice Cube Use Lyft Car Service But In A Unique Way!


Kevin Hart and my boo Ice Cube have a new movie coming out called, Ride Along due out (January 17th). To help promote their new film they along with talk show host Conan O’Brien take a lil spin in the hood and use the car service Lyft! Lyft is car-sharing app that allows vehicle-less users to connect with car owners in their area who are willing to give them rides for a fee. I have tried the car service and to see these three act a fool while they stop for snacks, Wendy’s and a forty, I was on the ground cracking up! The poor driver that gives them a Lyft face tells the story as the trio argues, crack inappropriate jokes, try to pick up women along the way and so much more! The video is 9 minutes long but you will laugh your head off! Come inside to check it out! 


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