Diane Von Furstenberg Shares Ways To Boost Your Creativity!

diane von furstenberg

I have been really loving the hit reality show on E! called House of DVF starring fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg! Since I am in love with the whole fashion industry and her clothing line, I really listen and focus on what she has to tell the girls on the show! She is a wealth of information and shares so many tips on being successful in the business! Recently the DVF staff shared 9 ways to boost your creativity and Lord knows I needed to read this advice because as a blogger, I often get brain freeze or just get bored with blogging daily! Its very tedious and its not as easy as it appears. Check out what they had to say inside! Happy Tuesday!


What better way to get inspiration than by visiting a new place? Surrounding yourself with foreign and interesting new sights, sounds, and experiences is just the ticket to unlocking new possibilities…and seeing how different other places around the world are.

Keep a Journal
Do you ever come across a quote that inspires you, only to forget it later? Or do you ever wish you’d written something down so you could look it up or remember it? That’s why it’s wise to keep a journal or even a small notepad with you. By taking notes in life, whether it’s something funny that someone said, song lyrics that resonated with you, or even an interesting incident that you experienced – writing all of these things down will give you something to reflect on later. And who know? You might just turn it into a song, a novel, a poem…or something even bigger.

Trying new things
We have a tendency to get stuck in the same boring old routine, so it’s no wonder we find ourselves getting bored! Find a way to switch things up so that you’ll acquire new experiences along the way. Whether it’s signing up for a cooking class, trying out a new sport, or simply driving a different route to work everyday – doing these little things will add some spice to your life.

If you want to get the most out of the world, you have to go out and be a part of the world. Get together with friends, go out and have fun, meet new people. All of these experiences together will help create more depth and fun in your daily life, not to mention that they will inspire you.

Challenge yourself
By challenging your mind, you’re also opening up your mind to new ways, ideas, and methods. By constantly developing yourself and engaging in activities that push you out of your comfort zone, you’ll experience major personal growth. Play Sudoku, give that Rubiks Cube another shot, or engage in a debate with a friend about an interesting subject.

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