Essie Seaglass Shimmers Collection

Ladies, it’s getting hot outside so that means that you will be showing those pretty toes in cute sandals etc! When I was a little girl my mom always painted my nails and always told me to take good care of my feet! She said that I would be surprised to learn that a lot of people pay attention to your feet. Men especially pay attention to feet and most have foot fetishes. I learned that on social media lol! You have NO idea how many men “dm” me asking for me to send them pictures of my toes but I always decline lol!

I don’t get or understand the fascination with feet but I stay in the nail salon monthly getting a pedicure. Essie has some pretty shades that just came out from their summer collection called, Seaglass shimmers. I trotted up to my local nail place for a quick pedicure. I love the shade, at sea level. I never really been into iridescent colors but I wanted to try something new.

Sidenote: Always try to take your own implements and polish(base coat, top coat and polish) to the nail salon. It will avoid bacterial infections and keep fungus down. I always take my own and it leaves me worry and stress free. More inside…xoxo 

Essie Seaglass Shimmers Collection limited edition (wearing at sea level) $9

Coral coast, High tides & dives, World is your oyster, Don’t be salty, You, me & the sea, At sea level

The world is your oyster so let’s explore the ocean floor and look for precious items washed up on shore. don’t be salty that this aquatic adventure will only be you, me & the sea.  as you look along the coral coast you will become captivated by the luminous hues. the high tides & dives will show you the iridescent elements of nature – from pearls at sea level to sea glass on shore, you will be digging for more! 


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3 thoughts on “Essie Seaglass Shimmers Collection

  1. That’s a pretty color. I love Essie polishes.

    Thanks for the tip/side note. I usually take my own polish, but never thought about taking the base coat, duh.

    What tools do you take/or would a basic pedicure kit be sufficient?

  2. That’s a cute color.

    Thanks for the tip. I take my own color I need to remember the base too. It makes the most sense!

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