Get The Look: Renae Beauty Glow Drops, Gel Mask, Luminous Gloss

I love women who launch businesses and most of my daughter’s friends are doing the damn thing here in Atlanta! Tyra’s friend Aniyah affectionately known by her business name, Renae Beauty launched a beauty care line and I love it! I was able to try a few of her latest products recently and loved the smell, the packaging and what it’s used for, relaxation and to hydrate! I support womenpreneurs and small business, so please check out her website to see all that she has! More info inside…


Renae Beauty refines the skin to reveal a smoother and more radiant completion while enhancing the performance of other products by clearing the way for maximum absorption. It also ate as a good source of moisture for healthy hydration. Perfect for all skin types too!

Renae Beauty Luminous Lip Gloss

Renae Beauty Brightening Glow Drops

Renae Beauty Undercover Gel Mask

How To Use: 

Glow drops are to be used as your moisturizer Apply a few drops to clean toned skin and evenly spread using your hands in a gentle motion.

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