Gift Idea: Customized Photo Pillow

Hey guys, are you looking for that special holiday gift? You know that the holiday shopping season is in full swing now! I’m putting together a holiday gift guide as you read this but wanted to share with you a fun gift idea that I just received. The brand is called, Budsies and they make Custom Photo Pillows! It’s a customized pillow made with your favorite photo.

It’s very simple to do and you just upload your picture and they transfer it onto a pillow. This would be a great gift for newly married or engaged couples, your family or for dear friend for a keepsake. I even thought to send one to my mom because she loves family portraits. I made one for my grandson and me and have it on my bed for decor. It shipped in a few weeks and I was very pleased with the outcome! Also, don’t forget to shop early, have a blessed day everyone!

New for the holidays, Budsies Photo Pillows are custom printed pillows featuring your photo, your name, and fun or inspiring quotes and phrases. Several colors and patterns to choose from. An affordable personalized and sentimental gift for loved ones near or far. A wonderful way to update your family room or decorate a bedroom with a stylish custom pillow.

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