How Couples Can Keep The Spark Alive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic and its mitigation restrictions have taken a toll on many relationships. As couples spend more time together, little problems that were once negligible are piling up, resulting in breakup-worthy issues.

Relationships may not be about being happy all the time, but this is certainly not the time to start fighting. Read on for a few useful ways to keep your relationship strong during the pandemic.


1. Don’t cancel plans

Last-minute plan cancellation is one of the biggest culprits behind relationship fiascos. While it would be understandable to cancel a trip or a big-ticket purchase during this period, using the pandemic as a pretext for blatantly poor decisions can be detrimental to your bond. Continue with your weight loss regimen, meal plan, and all short and long term plans that the outbreak hasn’t affected. If you had marriage plans, get those custom engagement rings. It’s during these times that happiness is truly needed. 

2. Do shared activities

For those that the lockdown has trapped in separate geographical locations, maintaining a healthy relationship may prove even harder. Thankfully, the digital era spoils us with a plethora of ways to keep in touch, even when we can’t be in each other’s arms. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection, and you can play games, watch a TV show or movie, and even prepare meals if you are cooking buffs. Whatever you like, there is most likely a digital version to try out with your partner.

3. Give each other space

If you are locked together in your home for the foreseeable future, it is wise to be mindful of your partner’s privacy. Don’t be all over them, even if they seem to be okay with it. Not everyone wants to be heard talking to their friends and family on the phone. Some may fancy spending time alone, even when they have nothing to do. Consider asking your partner about it if you are torn between showering them with attention and giving them space. While you’re at it, let them know what you would like on your end.

4. Work on your communication

Communication and understanding are the backbones of all thriving relationships. If you don’t know what your partner likes, there is a good chance you will overstep your bounds. Use this time to get to know each other better. Be as open as possible, and invite them to let you in on their likes and dislikes. It may take time to know what tickles your partner’s fancy and what switches them off, but you will eventually get it down pat. And even if it takes forever, you can rest assured your effort will be appreciated.


The COVID-19 pandemic is projected to stay around for a while. That means canceling most of your outdoor activities and spending more time with your better half. The above tips can help you transform the whole nightmare into a blessing for your relationship.

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