How To Stay Calm And Collected During A House Move


When you’ve got so much to plan for and only a short window of time to accomplish it, there’s a lot that can go wrong during a move to a brand new house. And while Real Estate Brokers like Compass know first-hand how to overcome obstacles and thrive after unforeseen circumstances (click here for more information), it can be useful to have a guide to help you stay calm during the chaos of moving house. 

Choose the right real estate company from the start 

Choosing your realtor should take a while. And for good reason. If you can ensure you’ve found the best place possible to help you keep your plans on track, you’re significantly decreasing the amount of stress associated with moving into a new place. 

Look for customer reviews, ask for references from other clients, and make sure you’re in good hands before you make any further plans. 

Color code and organize your boxes by room 

There’s nothing worse than getting to the big day of that all-important move, only to trip over boxes and find yourselves overwhelmed with poorly labeled containers. It’s already going to be a stressful day, so leave nothing to chance and plan ahead. 

Color code each box and clearly label them. This way, when you’re all carrying them into your new home, you’re able to place them in the right space. It’s a surefire way to keep the chaos of moving day more organized and helps the unpacking process. 

Let the kids help plan the decorating 

Moving to a new house is extremely stressful for adults. But for teenagers and younger children, it can feel like the end of the world, especially if the move includes a change of school. 

Alleviate some of those worries by distracting them with a few creative tasks. Let them have some input into how their new room is going to look. If they feel as if they’re being given some freedom to make a new space their own, they’re far more likely to embrace the upcoming changes in their lives. 

Make your last night in the old house fun

You may find that everyone wants to spend time with the friends they’ll soon be moving away from. While that’s expected, it’s important to spend time together as a unit to say goodbye to a house that may have played a huge part in your lives. 

Order pizza. Talk about the past with fondness. Reminisce but always try to shift the conversation to the future goals and incredible experiences you’re all about to have. 

Make your first night in the new home comforting 

You’ve had to deal with a lot of change over the last few days, and chances are the entire family is emotionally wiped out. But there’s a new home to christen, and that means getting the family together for that first night under a new roof. 

Choose comfy clothes and bedding that are associated with your old place. Pick an uplifting familiar film or a board game that everyone loves. Cook everyone’s favorite home comfort foods, and watch everyone adjust to their new surroundings much faster.

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