In Case You Missed It: Wendy Williams On The View

Hey there lovelies! Don’t know if you have time to watch The View but talk show maven, Wendy Williams made an appearance on the show a few days ago to chat with the ladies about her divorce, infidelity, dating, substance abuse and more. I find it very refreshing to know that Wendy is opening up and sharing her story to help other women. She is a very private person behind the cameras, so it’s very surprising to watch her talk about everything so out and in the open, I applaud her for that.

I know it must be very difficult to talk about going through a divorce in front of the world and not only that, now you have to eventually have the baby your husband made on the side around your child. Geesh, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy and although i’ve met and been around Wendy a few times (she wasn’t very pleasant) I still feel for her. Check out the video clip inside, have a great day!

(Pics by Walt Disney Television/Heidi Gutman )

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