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kelly rowland

Kelly Rowland, Tim Weatherspoon, and Titan Jewell Weatherspoon cover the April issue of Essence Magazine. I love newborn babies, they smell so good and Titan looks delicious, I want to bite one jaw so bad, awh! This hits newsstands March 20th and she shares how she juggles motherhood and so much more! 

“My road to my happiness hasn’t been an easy one. It hasn’t been peachy all the time, but I am so, so happy,” she says, reflecting on a year that saw her get married, give birth to her son, and suddenly lose her mother. She remains strong and positive, “surrounded with so much love,” thanks to friends and family like her mom’s best friends and Beyoncé and Solange’s family. And even with her thriving career, it’s all about the family. “My priority is my husband first,” she says, laughing. “That’s how the baby got there.”

kelly rowland

On being a wife first, mother second and artist third:
“The baby doesnt change who we are as people. We still like to go have dinner. We do the activities that we do every day. I don’t think that should stop”

On one of her favorite memories with her late mother:

“I was doing something with the baby in the house after we came home from the hospital and she was there with me and she just looked at me and she said, ‘I’m so proud of you!’ I listen to that every day in my head. It makes me happy.”

On how her life has served as a muse for her upcoming album:

“You have no choice but to tap into emotions when you’re in the studio. The same way we’re experiencing those emotions, whether it’s having a child or losing a parent or whatever it might be, everybody is experiencing the same pain or happiness that you’re experiencing as well.”

kelly rowland



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  1. She looks happy and Titan is so handsome. I love the way her husband is looking at her on the cover. What a beautiful family.

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