Lil Rocko & Romelo party hardy!


Happy Birthday Lil Rocko & Romelo!

Last night I had a fun time going to Lil Rocko & Romelo’s Birthday Extravaganza! These two handsome young men know how to throw a party! Their party was held at a new bowling facility called, Red Carpet Lanes located in Duluth,Ga. All the celebrities hang out here on Sundays.  Lil Rocko and Romelo had other plans though, by shutting down the whole bowling alley and making it their special day, ha!


This red carpet affair had nothing but the hottest celeb kids and their parents strolling down the carpet, looking hot! They were kinda quiet looking around with their stunner shades on, dressed in their orange and blue Polo matching outfits! They were cleaner than the board of health lol. They waved to all their fans as they arrived being carried in by their parents, singer Monica and rapper Rocko, (you know they didnt want to get their kicks dirty) lol. When the Papparazzi finished taking their pics they  showed everyone around and made sure everybody was well taken of. You could bowl,play video games,eat in the V.i.P. area and take keepsake photos, courtesy of  Celeb Photographer FreddyO. They even gave out thank you t-shirts with their faces on them, now thats Pinktastic!


Lil Rocko and Romelo’s families from both sides came out to show support. I asked the boys when they aren’t designing for their clothing line, attending red carpet affairs, and taping their reality show, what do they like to do? They responded, that they love to go to Dollywood. They told me they absolutely love it!  You can tell they have a great family unit and we all know, family is very important.


Some celeb sightings I saw were Jermaine Dupri and his daughter Shaniah, Celeb Photographer Derek Blanks and his son Beau(Beau, you and I have to have a talk lol) and some reality stars like, Jamilah Rouse of The Real Women of Atlanta and football players.

The boys blew out their candals and cut their cake, (which was too cute by the way) and they had tons of gifts to take home. I would like to thank the boys for the personal invite, my son and I had a great time! Ina from The Starfire Group and The Garner Circle Pr did a fantastic job! Check out the pics below!







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