Look Like Your Favorite Actresses This Summer

You wonder what Ana de Armas, Olivia Wilde and Sienna Miller will be wearing this Summer? Look no further than below, as we describe the hottest wardrobe that stars will be wearing, from this moment on and until the end of August. Now, all you have to do, is to go out on a shopping spree. After all, it is part of the fun, right? And the summer looks of 2022 are…

Ready to show Some Legs?

The one piece of clothing that will be on all major stars this summer, will be the mini skirt. It is taking over the world, and everyone is happy about it. Time to show some skin, after a harsh winter and two years of the coronavirus hanging around. This is the perfect party dress, which you can wear with high heels or long boots, depending on your personal style. Look for the labels you love the most, and if you want to be cool, print your own on Wunderlabel, and attach them to your clothes to personalize them. Nothing like really owning your clothes, after all; especially a mini skirt.

Be Unicolour and shine Bright

If you want to be noticed like the actresses that walk the red carpet, then you have to choose the trend of unicolour. However, it has to be bold. Pink, hot green and electric blue will do. It is easy, all you need is for the pants and the shirt to be exactly in the same tone. Today’s fashion says you shouldn’t wear anything else. I say: Why don’t you throw your own spin, with a scarf that is of an extreme other colour? Yellows and reds should be in flame, starting right now.

Follow the Youngest Ones

Actresses that are part of Generation Z will probably lean towards a return to the 90s. Instead of mini skirts, they will be wearing baggy jeans. These two trends are miles away, but so is the Z Gen from all others. Nothing like huge pants to make you forget which sex you are supposed to be. That neutrality is exactly what young people are looking for, these days. So if you like’em, join’em! You will certainly feel comfortable, although maybe a little too warm, on hot summer days.

Get me to the Beach

It is summer and all the famous people will be heading to their favourite beach. Although some may chose one nearby, such as Santa Monica or Malibu, others will head to the other side of the pond, for classy venues such as St. Tropez in France or Amalfi in Italy. But you can go wherever you like, as well. That is, as long as you have the shorts to go along with your bikini top. Yep, that is the new trend! Wearing the same print over your bikini bottom, in the form of shorts. If you are the logical type, this should definitely be on top of your list of clothes to buy.

Found the look you were looking for to join the big stars on your outings this summer? If not, then just stay yourself. After all, 2022 is also a year where anything goes, in terms of clothes.

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