Manicure Monday: Revlon’s Evening Opulence Collection


Over the weekend I had a few fun events that I attended. I first made a pit stop to get my nails done at the BET glam salon. Revlon was the sponsor and they supplied the nail polish for the event. Revlon has a new Evening Opulence Collection and I loved the shade of polish I selected. 

I chose the color Divine for my nails and I normally wouldn’t pick such a dark color but it’s winter time and I wanted to try something different. Till this day the color is still on my nails and has not chipped, I’m very impressed. Back in the day I remember using Revlon polish but it always chipped but they have really come a long way. You can buy any Revlon polish at your local Target or Walmart stores or in a drug store.




I’m using Revlon’s Divine

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