My Style: May Maxi Dress

I saw that it’s going to rain all freaking week here in Atlanta, I’m so bummed up! I think only Thursday is supposed to be sunny outside…sigh! That’s why I ran up to my daughter’s salon for a good conditioning treatment and got my ends trimmed because it looks like I will be stuck in the house on my birthday since its going to rain all weekend too.

I can’t win but that’s ok, I still have made some sort of plans but not much. I wore this cute comfy linen dress to run some errands yesterday, since it was so pretty outdoors! I am all about comfort these days, will I ever go back to wearing fancy clothes? Hmm, not sure after this pandemic goes away, who can really say lol. More pictures and where to find inside, have a great day and be safe!

Location: Duluth, Ga

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City styled with FHI Heat platform bounce pro curling iron

Dress: Show Me Your MuMu May Maxi Dress

Photographer: Tyra

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