One On One With Fashion/Celebrity Stylist Ashley Michelle Miller

I truly love what I do. You have to have a lot of passion for anything you do in life. I tell people that all the time and if you can do it for free, then you may be on to something! I had the pleasure of meeting celebrity fashion stylist Ashley Michelle Miller a few months ago here in Atlanta when I was interviewing Talk Show Host Tamron Hall about her new tv show. Ashley was on set as well and I was intrigued with how she was so helpful with Tamron’s look and that’s what lead me to want to reach out to her about how she landed the job and more. Miller is a wealth of information and I wanted to share with you her thoughts on styling, her education, styling tv personalities and so much more. She was quoted as saying, “When you look good, you feel good and ultimately you do good”. Click in to read and have a fabulous day everyone! xoxo

Tell us how you got the passion for being fashion stylist?
One word. Therapy! After receiving a Bachelors in Communications and a Masters in Project Management I thought I knew the direction of what I wanted for my career to go in. But upon graduating from college I actually found myself lost. When I finally stopped having to focus on school assignments and had to figure out what I really wanted out of life that’s when the real work came in.

I started seeing a therapist to sort through my thoughts and feelings. One of the hardest questions she asked me was what are your hobbies? I honestly couldn’t really think of anything besides…hanging out with friends and spending time with my family. So she gave me an assignment to answer questions like…what do I like to do for fun? What comes naturally to me? What are some things that excite me? What do I like doing that brings me a sense of peace?

After answering a series of questions I realized some of my hobbies were fashion focused. I loved reading fashion magazines. I would buy them as soon as the monthly issues came out. Read through them so fast and couldn’t wait for the next months issues to come out. I also loved putting outfits together. I was the kid that when it was time to do back to school shopping I had celebrity photo inspirations of outfits I wanted to replicate. I never thought anything of it but these interest meant more than I thought.

So eventually as I worked through the idea of what life after college looked like I started to explore the fashion industry. My research led me to the career choice of fashion stylist and the rest is history….

You style some amazing tv personalities. How did you land the gigs with some of the celebrities you work with?
Research, hard work and connections! My journey started off with research. Once I decided I was going to pursue a career as a stylist I literally googled “schools for fashion stylist” I came across a program called School of Style. At the time it was a 6-day program that taught you how to break into the industry and the different ways you can set yourself apart in a very competitive industry. The incentive for after completing the course was you would start to receive emails for interning and assisting job opportunities. Like these emails were insane it was like “Lady Gaga stylist is looking for a styling assistant. Styling intern needed for Beyonce’s new music video”

So at age 27 I decided to leave my comfort zone in Florida and move to New York to pursue my career. Research and hard work led me to work and connect with some great stylist, companies and people in general. I have had the opportunity to assist on projects for people like Madonna, Giselle Bundchen, Terrence Howard, Beyoncé and companies Victoria Secret, Target, Coca-Cola. As my connections grew, so did my opportunities! I started to work on TV about a year after I moved from Florida. What started as just a three day job, assisting for a promotional shoot for the show a Daytime talk show called The Chew that use to be on ABC (American Broadcasting Company) turned into a full time position as the wardrobe supervisor for the show. Since then I have had the opportunity to work with a plethora of TV personalities and major networks like CBS, FOX, NBC, BRAVO, MTV.

What is a day in the life like working as a fashion stylist?
For me it all depends on what projects I am working on. I am currently the wardrobe supervisor for the Tamron Hall Show. I freelance as well and I am also a personal stylist working not only with celebrities but also people who are in need of my services for special events, work attire or just to help them establish their overall style. So my days can consist of being on set for the show. Depending on the day we will film 1 or 2 shows a day. In addition, I could be reaching out to fashion houses and pr showrooms requesting looks for an upcoming photoshoot I am scheduled to style and then I might have to run out to shop for a personal styling client that may be in need of outfit options for an upcoming event or in need of new pieces to add to their closet. It just all depends on what I have scheduled for the week.

What is the process of becoming a fashion stylist for television? Where did it all start?
I feel everyone’s journey is different. But like I said before, it is important to research and connect! That’s how I ended up styling in the TV industry. If you are interested in being a wardrobe stylist in the tv industry start with researching people who are already doing it. Reach out and be willing to even intern to be able to get your foot in the door. I literally went to school received two degrees and was aligning my path to work to take over my dad’s construction company but my passion led me down another path of styling so at age 27 I took a chance, left Florida, moved to New York and started with interning! A year later I would not have imagined I would be working for abc, a major tv network!

The education behind what you do and what you are doing today?
For me fashion is not all about trends, labels and wearing the most popular designers. Whether I am working with a celebrity or a person in need of a new work wardrobe I am big on making that person first feel comfortable and then getting to know that person. Learning a client’s likes and dislikes. What they feel comfortable wearing. Their daily routines, favorite colors etc helps me create looks that truly suit them. I always say “When you look good, you feel good and ultimately you do good.” As grow in my career my mission is to be a stylist with impactful intentions not is my goal to make people look good but I want them to feel good as well.

Tell us about your personal style?
I am always playing with my style. The great thing about fashion is you can get inspired by anything. So one day I’m channeling my inner Lisa Bonet. One day I’m on my Canadian tuxedo vibe and then next I might just want to rock my favorite champion sweater with my new favorite colorful sneakers. It all about what makes me feel good that day.

But for the most part I get a lot of inspiration for my style from street style wear. I love a good sneaker or platform shoe paired with a dress or trousers, sweatshirt and finished with a gold hoop and layered chains. An athletic vibe and a touch of femininity.

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