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I’ve been long time friends with Master Wedding Planner Gail Johnson for many years now! I can’t remember exactly how we met but her smile was infectious and we both are Ohioans that transplanted here in Atlanta. We hit if off just like that! Her wedding and event planning business has blossomed so much over the years, that I wanted to make her my Pink Spotlight today! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to do many spotlights lately but I am bringing it back in 2015!

Gail is a wealth of knowledge in the wedding industry and always traveling to find out what’s the latest trends for all things bridal and event planning! I always say invest back into you and your brand and it will take you far! In my interview with Gail who owns Gail Johnson Weddings, she chats with me about her services, pet peeves, hottest trends in all things weddings and so much more! If you are in need of a wedding or event planner, you have to check her out! 


Tell us about your event planning business:
Gail Johnson Weddings & Events is a full-service consultancy, design and management company. I am the Sole Proprietor. Creative Director and a Master Bridal Consultant who loves fabulous celebrations. My studio is headquartered in Decatur, GA where I coordinate a limited number of once-in-a-lifetime weddings and social events each year.

What services do you offer?
I offer a wide range of event planning and coordination services that are completely customizable for any type of social event or wedding celebration.


What are the hottest trends in event design:

Color – Greek Blue and Moody Indigo are the “it” colors for 2015
Metallic – Copper is trendy in fashion and design
China – China dinnerware will be a must-have for all events
Pastels – Muted pastels and neutrals will be paired with smoky grays, soft blacks and creamy white tones
Pattern linens – large-scale prints and loose geometric patterns are still on the rise
Mixing the old with the new is also a huge trend in 2015

What is the biggest pet peeve you have when working with a potential client when planning a event??
Promptness – It creates an inconvenience for a lot of people when you’re dealing with people who are consistently late.

For someone on the strict budget, can you list the top 5 things that they must have for their event?
Realistic Budget
Guest List
Unique menu


What’s something one cannot skip for a great event?
Whether big or small every event should include at least one WOW factor. First impressions are everything. Special touches such as personalized menu cards, ambient lighting, customized cocktails or live entertainment add that special touch that will long be remembered after the event has ended.

Dream client?
Every business owner dreams of that elusive “dream client”. My dream client would be someone that appreciates what I do for them. They are thoughtful, polite, and punctual with payments, an open communicator.

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There are lots of event planners in and around town. What makes a very good event planner stand out?

Standing out from the crowd means owning your uniqueness and the willingness to take risks by shaking things up. Being comfortable will never take you far in this constant changing industry.

What should potential clients look for when hiring someone?

Clients should consider the following four factors as the “most important” when deciding on an event planner:

Expertise – Clients should seek out someone with vast knowledge of the industry. This person should have a proven track record with years of experience. Seek out someone who’s good at their job first and worry about the price later.

Trust – There should be a sense of trust, which is the most important factor when hiring your event planner. My clients trust me with their hard earn money as well as their futures. So it’s important that potential clients feel they can trust me to do the job.

Credentials – Don’t be afraid to ask for credentials when hiring someone. Would you hire a lawyer or doctor who didn’t have credentials? This all goes back to expertise.
Do they have a business license?
Is their business insured?
Are they accredited or certified or trained?
Get reviews from former clients?

Reputation – Having a great reputation doesn’t hurt. Happy clients will refer their friends and colleagues; it’s one of the best ways to find the perfect event planner.

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Studio | 165 Dekalb Industrial Way, Suite F
Decatur, GA 30030
Chat | 770.595.1212
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images via Gail Johnson

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