Pinky Review: Mazda MX5


When I got the email that Mazda wanted me to review their all-new MX5 sports car I was so excited! It’s been a few years since I have driven a convertible but when this car arrived in my parking lot, it brought back so many memories! I instantly called my best friend and told her what I driving! Backstory…right after college I purchased a brand-new convertible and I had a blast driving all over the country in it! I felt young, fancy and free! This Mazda MX5 brought back the good ol times I had in my younger years, awh!

Ofcourse my teens weren’t too happy with the car because it was a two-seater, so I had to take them places one at a time but if you are single or have no kids, its a cute lil “getter” to cruise around Atlanta in or just have as a spare car. It has lots of kick to it, fully equipped but I was missing the GPS system which I have become addicted to! I did have my google maps on my cell, so I was still able to get where I needed to go without being totally lost lol. The interior was pretty fancy with black leather-trimmed heated bucket seats and I loved the Bose surround sound!

The zeal red color was great looking and made the award-winning car really stand out! I felt like a true race car driver in this vehicle and I would love to have kept it a bit longer since we have great weather for this type of car to put the retractable roof top down! Just one button puts the top up or down without you having to exit the vehicle in about 15 seconds, yes I was spoiled! This car was first introduced 20 years ago and it still sells very well today! I really loved this car and it was excited to drive! This vehicle starts at $23,970 but the car I test-drove was about $40,000 because it was fully equipped with ALL the bells and whistles! xoxo






images via Genae Banks Photography

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